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Medano Beach

Updated: May 8, 2023

Medano Beach, the most swimmable beach in Cabo San Lucas, sits on the tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Tourists from all the world cherish its location, as it sits between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Cabo San Lucas has several beaches with magnificent white sand. But some of them have strong currents, making swimming unsafe. The popularity of Medano Beach is due to it being located near Cabo San Lucas town, making it easily accessible to people who want to have fun. The beach offers tourists a chance to sunbathe and swim. It also allows tourists to participate in water-based activities, including parasailing, kayaking, sunrise yoga, banana boats, palapa cantinas, hair braiding and jet skiing. Many tourists visit the beach during spring break, making it a popular and busy destination during that time.

Besides an endless choice of fun activities at the beach, Medano also has numerous eateries, allowing visitors to indulge in international and local cuisine. Casa Dorado is a popular place for Mexican dining, with its local flavors and oceanfront setting. Mio Raw Bar has Sushi food and offers various local seafood dishes. Que Dulce provides refreshments, including hot beverages, juices, and gelato flavors.

Medano Beach also has numerous all-inclusive luxury resorts, making it a top Mexican tourist destination. Many of the five-star Resorts have excellent facilities and overlook the popular El Arco, as well as Medano Beach itself. Some resorts are traditionally Mexican and others have a more contemporary aesthetic, with bold architecture designed to attract a trendy, young crowd. It is recommended that while you are there, that you visit Blue Marlin Ibiza Los Carlos - a poolside beach club. Other places to enjoy a drink and tasty food include Mango Deck, Puerto Paraíso Shopping Mall, El Squid Roe Restaurant, Cabo Bar, Monkey Business Bar, and Baja Brewing.

Medano Beach offers a bright, pristine surrounding - making it especially attractive. It also contains rich Mexican culture. The beach is thus appealing to adventurous travelers and beach lovers. It gives options to people of all ages and affords them an unforgettable experience. Guests can make the most of the warm weather, by renting sun loungers, allowing them to relax in the shade. The beach also offers boat rides so you can admire the beautiful views. Massage options to help you relax and unwind are plentiful too.

Medano Beach is the perfect tourist destination, offering excellent meals, drinks, and seaside views. The beach is kept clean, making it comfortable to relax and have time alone, if that is what you are after. It has high-end restaurants for those who want to spend a night living it up, as well as traditional eateries, where you can sit comfortably in shorts and a tee-shirt while enjoying a meal. The beach offers something to people of all ages. Families find it a place to relax and spend quality time together, while youngsters may prefer partying at the clubs around Medano Beach. There are lots of options. Medano Beach is located only minutes away from Downtown Cabo San Lucas, making it a perfect base for a visit to the region.

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